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The Scarlet Cord (Frank Slaughter)

  • Frank Slaughter

    Fourth in the novels drawn from Biblical backgrounds, this turns back to the Old Testament for inspiration- and, frankly, little more. Turn to the Book of Joshua for the few scattered verses on which the pyramid of the story of the woman of Jericho, Rahab, ""the harlot"", has been erected. Two thirds of the story actually deals with an imaginary fictional account of Rahab, who lived in the land of the Amorites, but was of the seed of Abram and worshipped the one god, Yah, a god of peace and love. She had little sympathy with the war waged in the name of their deity from invaders from the south, the Habiru, who claimed that the land of Canaan had been granted their ancient leader, Moses, and whose new leader, Joshua, felt that the Lord spoke through him, urging him on. The Biblical story is woven in at the point where Rahab has submitted to the embraces of the king of Jericho, and after his death gives shelter to spies of the Habiru, sent by Joshua whom she had loved many months before, and whose child she had borne. From that point on, with considerable embroidery, Frank Slaughter tells the tale of the fall of Jericho, and the subsequent campaigns; of the repudiation of Rahab by Joshua- and his belated acceptance of his son, despite the crippled foot; and always of the physician Salmon, who loved Rahab- and served Joshua and his people  For Ruth Escalante Yoder, daughter-in-law and friend to Naomi, she concludes that leaving Las Vegas is the only option left to her....

    So begins their odyssey--a cross-country quest in Naomi's creaky old Impala as she returns to her family farm in Lancaster County, to the values of a life once spurned.

    Although never having seen the East before, Ruth too is looking for a place to call home. Will she find it among the slow, quiet rhythms of Pennsylvania farm country?

    Far more than a simple road trip, their drive home becomes a journey of the soul.


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