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The Faith Given Once, for All (Charles Colson, Harold Fickett)

  • Charles Colson & Harold Fickett

    Moments before a tormented man took the lives of five young Amish schoolgirls in Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania on the morning of October 5, 2006, two fo the girls, Marian and Barbie Fisher, asked to be sacrificed so that the other could be saved. The killer did not spare the sisters; instead, he attempted to murder Marian, Barbie, and all eight of their female classmates. Five survived. And And in the days after the tragedy, as the world watched in numb silence, the parents of those girls and the entire Amish community did something seemingly incomprehensible. They forgave the killer and supported his family with their prayers and with their financial resources. While their response shocked many, those parents and that community were actually practicing the love every Christian ought to practice. They were living what they believe. Renowned authors Charles Colson and Harold Fickett caution us that ignorance of our own faith comes at the most ocirical of times for Christianity and the world at large. The twin threats of anti-theism and radical Islam are made all the more menacing because Christians, unaware of the truths undergirding this faith, are so ill-equipped to defend it. This book will provide a new grounding for Christians who’ve been practicing their faith for years yet still lack a firm grasp of the basic truths on which their faith rests.


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