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Commitment to Love (Deanna McClary)

  • Deanna McClary

    When young Deanna Fowler met and married Patrick Cleburn “Clebe” McClary III, she felt as though she’d found her own Prince Charming. It seemed the Southern beauty queen and the handsome “man’s man” would live happily ever after. Then Clebe decided to serve his country and the couple found themselves half-a-world apart as he fought in the tangled jungles of Vietnam. Knowing that every day could be his date with death, Deanna silently wondered if he would ever come back alive. Her fears were justified when Clebe returned barely holding onto life, his body riddled with shrapnel. A hostile grenade attack had severed his left arm and blown out an eye. Deanna was to become involved with every aspect of his rehabilitation. From that day on, simple tasks such as buttoning a button, tying a shoelace, or cutting up food would have to be done with a helping hand—Deanna’s hand. Her love would be put to the test. How Deanna and Clebe chose to deal with their tragedy will cause you to take a second look at your own marriage.


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