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Angelic Encounters: Engaging Help from Heaven (James & Michal Ann Goll)

  • James & Michal Ann Goll

    Did you know that you typically have a lot more angelic company than you realize? Your prayers release God’s power, and God often sends angels to bring His powerful response. Angels were at work throughout the Old and New Testaments and they are still at work today! Get past the myths and stories to discover the true nature, role, and history of angels in our world. In this comprehensive study, teachers, scholars, and visionaries James and Michal Ann Goll use Scripture, church history, testimonies, and personal experience to:

    • Describe the different categories of angels
    • Explain angels’ ministry as God’s agents to the world
    • Demonstrate how intercession and angelic ministry are related
    • Show you how to perceive and engage angels in your own life

    We are not alone! When we pray, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” we are welcoming heaven’s hosts to come join us, aid us, and strengthen us. They’re ready to come.


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