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Tozer Speaks - Volume 1 (A. W. Tozer)

  • A.W. Tozer's sharp and incisive preaching and writing style will startle some readers. Others will chuckle. But everyone will agree, "No one could say it like Tozer!" Contained within this gem and treasure of his work are selections from his pulpit ministry: messages on the Holy Spirit, sermons from the Gospel of John, essays on spiritual perfection, sermons in Peter's First Epistle, sermons on well-known and favorite Bible texts, sermons relating to the life and ministry of the Christian church, sermons on the voices of God and his calling of man. An unnamed layman at A.W. Tozer's Southside Alliance church in Chicago once stated, "Dr. Tozer had not been with us long before we knew we had a prophet of God in our midst. It was then that we felt constrained to begin putting his Sunday morning and evening sermons on tape."

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