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The New Answers Book 2 (Ken Ham)

  • What happens when you have more “hot” questions on the Bible and creationism than you can answer in one book? You create a second volume! The New Answers Book 2 explores over 30 exciting and faith-affirming topics, including:

    *The fall of Lucifer and the origin of evil* 
    *When does life begin (and why does it matter)?* 
    *Is evolution a religion (and why should I care)?* 
    *Archaeology, Egyptian Chronology, and the great flood* 
    *Could early biblical figures like Noah really live to over 900 years of age?* 
    *What was the Star of Bethlehem (and how did the wise men follow it)?
    *The “Evolutionization” of our culture—including intelligent design, gay marriage, Hollywood movies, and more!* 

    Explore these and other topics, answered biblically and logically in this book from the world’s largest apologetics ministry, Answers in Genesis.

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