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The God of All Comfort (Hannah Smith)

  • Smith, having lived and witnessed a life of supreme faith to God, writes her account of the principles of the Lord and Jesus Christ. Her aim is to inspire Christians who may be doubting their faith, as well as those who need guidance through crises or struggles in life. With a close reading of the Bible, Whitall Smith is able to demonstrate the sublime comfort and serenity which the Lord God can dispense through His love. 

    Blessed with a gift for words and eloquent turns of phrase, Hannah Whitall Smith places both her faith and her affinity for language front and center in this book. For many years this book has been consulted as a sublime manual of true Christian advice, notable for the greathearted way in which lessons on how to live and take joy as a follower of God are dispensed. 

    The ultimate message of Smith's book is simply to trust in God, and to be mindful of the struggles that test Christians all over the world. As well as the hardships which test all of us, Smith encourages readers to remember the life and words of Jesus - whose ultimate sacrifice for the sake of mankind's closeness to God is central to the Christian faith and life.

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