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Under Cover (John Bevere)

  • John Bevere

    There is a secret place under the shadow of the Almighty, where there is liberty, provision, and protection. Yet, too many believers do not enjoy this hidden place. Instead, they seek freedom and security outside of it in a realm where the very opposite exists. They are tricked into believing true and lasting freedom can be found away from Divine authority. Under Cover exposes the subtle yet rampant tactic the enemy uses against believers—the failure to recognize and properly relate to Divine authority. With practical, personal examples and strong, biblical foundation, this book reminds us the kingdom of God is just that—a kingdom, ruled by a King, where there is order and authority.You may wonder about harsh or corrupt leaders. How could protection possibly be found under them? Learn to by-pass the immediate authority you see and tap into God’s. His promises supersede the laws of men, and in Him we can trust.


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