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On the Eve of Adam: God’s Ancient Plan for Lucifer’s Defeat (J.R. Church)

  • J. R. Church

    Adam was not an afterthought. God did not create the human race because He was lonely. Adam and Eve did not commit the original sin, Lucifer did. This book will take you on a journey through the pages of the Old Testament and reveal God’s plan for the defeat of Lucifer and the redemption of man — prepared before Adam was created. As stated in Isaiah 46:10, God began to lay out His prophetic “plan of the ages” from the very beginning. The plan is revealed in the six days of Creation. It can be seen in the lives and characteristics of Adam, Eve, Abraham, Sarah, etc. The plan is unmistakable. In this book, Dr. J. R. Church shows the various ways in which God revealed his plan from the very beginning.


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