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John and Lillian Isaacs: Making the Word Known (Nell Tyner Bowen)

  • Nell Tyner Bowen

    John and Lillian Isaacs have served together since 1947. They taught and preached in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky before being apointed home missionaries to Alsaska in 1960. For 12 years they worked with the congregation of Friendship Baptist Mission in Fairbanks. 

    John and Lillian opned a new door in 1958 when they tied the cause of literacy to the cause of missions. In doing so, they launched for Southern Baptists another way to make God's Word known to everyone. To their own lifestyle of proclamation and personal witnessing they added teaching adults -- poor readers and nonreaders -- to read for themselves the Word of God.

    Their experiences, told in the style of one of Lillian's stories, show how God has chosen and joined together two unique individuals to roam an exciting ministry team. 



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