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Does God Speak Today (Davi Pytches)

  • David Pytches

    This controversial issue has been a dividing barrier between many Christians. A respected leader of the Renewal Movement in England, David Pytches makes his position very clear: God's normative revelation finished with Jesus and the apostles. He has no time for pretended addtions to biblical truth. 

    But he produces more than forty true stories to show how God does intervene in remarkable ways to make his specific purposes plain today. Some of the events are from his own experience; others include people like C.H. Spurgeon, Evan Roberts, Catherine Marshall, Dr. John White and brother Andrews. 

    Pytches also deals with some counterfeit revelatoins which have often done great harm. Cautionary anecdotes of people who were convinced they heard from God but were mistaken adds validity to what could otherwise be viewed as a one-sided presentation. He concludes with a very wise chapter on the important matter of biblical discernment.


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