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The Unbreakable Covenant of Marriage (Raymond McMahon)

  • This volume seeks the answer to one question: What does God think about marriage, divorce, and remarriage? In writing about this subject, I could have spent many pages reporting on the disastrous effects that divorce has on children and bereft spouses (especially women)... I might have relied on the doctrines of various churches and religious organizations. However, the answer lies in asking, 'What does the Bible say about remarriage following divorce?' Not what does secular sociology say, not what do various church doctrines teach, but what does God's own Word say?' Many Christians today accept divorce and remarriage, stating that God's grace abounds and is upon them, believing that God just wants them to be happy or that God has made exceptions in the Bible. But God has never said divorce and remarriage are acceptable-in fact, He has said quite the opposite! In this challenging book, Rev. Raymond J. McMahon exposes the truth about God's real thoughts on the marriage covenant and the great sin of divorce and remarriage. With extensive scriptural backing, Rev. McMahon reveals our sins and calls all of us who claim the name of Christ to return to the truth of God's Word. Discover this great truth for yourself in The Unbreakable Covenant of Marriage.

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