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Healing the Dysfunctional Church Family (David Mains)

  • Christians don’t check their dysfunctional habits at the church door. Coiffed and buttoned-down on the outside, inside we still bring our compulsions and addictions, our urges to criticize, compare, and deny. Try as we might to cover up, we often behave in church just like we do at home. It’s time to stop pretending. No church is perfect, just as no family is perfect. This book calls us to accept the church’s humanness – the fact that we tend to make messes of our lives – as it explores eight common dysfunctions. But it also calls us to reaffirm that each local congregation in the body of Christ ought to be a place where we can come and feel loved, helped, forgiven – and given hope to go out and do better next time. After all, God created the church to be the best family in the whole world.

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